ATTENTION Austin area Homeowners!

We’re excited to announce a new program that will benefit homeowners here in the greater Austin area: the Austin MOVE program.

This special program will make it easier for homeowners in the Austin area to sell their home and buy a new one. The MOVE program applies a special discount to the commission, so sellers save money when relocating within the greater Austin area.

The goal of the MOVE program is to stimulate the local real estate market by increasing its liquidity. The easier it is to sell homes, the stronger the market will be for everyone.

The MOVE Program is a special credit offered exclusively through Dani Steece for homeowners in the greater Austin area. It is a discount that is applied to the commission—it is NOT a loan. It is a free credit that will reduce the amount of money that is owed to the real estate agent at closing.

This special credit will make relocating more affordable for the hardworking families that live and work here in the Austin area. Unlike other homebuyer programs, there are no income or credit qualifications.

In the program’s very first month, I’ve already had the privilege of connecting with dozens of homeowners. We look forward to serving hundreds more! – Dani Steece

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